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A list of the published reports, papers and selected documentation of the SOFA Center are given below, some of which are in pdf format.

  • 2013: Journées Tutorial; presentation and example programmes in Fortran and ANSI C — part of Nicole Capitaine's tutorial on "New concepts and models for Earth Orientation transformation".
  • 2013: SOFA Authoritative Tools & Standard Models — Journées 2013 Poster in Session 5, Item 5.3.
  • 2011: Hohenkerk, C., 2011, SOFA and the algorithms for transformations between scales & between systems and examples, Journées 2011, Vienna.
  • 2011: Hohenkerk, C.Y., 2011, SOFA – A Status Report, Review and a Look to the Future, Proceedings of the "Journées 2010 Systèmes de référence spatio-temporels". N. Capitaine (ed.), Observatoire de Paris, 16.
  • 2011: Hohenkerk, C., 2011, Standards of Fundamental Astronomy. Scholarpedia, 6(1):11404.
  • 2009: Wallace, P.T., 2009, Recent SOFA Developments, Proceedings of the "Journées 2008 Systèmes de référence spatio-temporels". M. Soffel and N. Capitaine (eds.), Lohrmann-Observatorium and Observatoire de Paris, 50.
  • 2007: Wallace, P.T., 2007, SOFA Tools for Earth Attitude, a cookbook providing more detailed information and examples for subset of SOFA routines.
  • 2004-05: Wallace, P.T., 2004, SOFA software support for IAU 2000, American Astronomical Society Meeting 204, #28.02, May 2004.
  • 2002: Wallace, P.T., 2002, in IERS Technical Note No. 29, N. Capitaine et al. (eds.), Verlag des Bundesamts für Kartographie und Geodäsie, Frankfurt am Main, 65.
  • Wallace, P., 2002, Update to SOFA Report in Highlights in Astronomy, Vol. 12, H. Rickman (ed.), Astronomical Society of the Pacific, San Francisco, 128.
  • 2000-03: A progress report presented at IAU Colloquium 180, Washington DC, USA, 353.
  • 1997-08: A paper given at the 1997-08 IAU General Assembly in Kyoto, Japan, describing the SOFA Progress and Plans.
  • Wallace, P., 1996, The IAU SOFA Initiative, in Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems V, G.H. Jacoby and J. Barnes (eds.), ASP Conference Series, Vol. 101, pp. 207-210.
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