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  Astronomy Library - Time Scales

This is the index page for the Time Scales section of the Astronomy Library for SOFA Library Issue 2021-05-12 for ANSI C. The Time Scales section includes the following routines:

D2dtf Format 2-part JD for output
Dat Delta(AT) (=TAI-UTC) for a given UTC date
Dtf2d Encode time and date fields into 2-part JD
Taitt TAI to TT
Taiut1 TAI to UT1
Taiutc TAI to UTC
Tcbtdb TCB to TDB
Tcgtt TCG to TT
Tdbtcb TDB to TCB
Tdbtt TDB to TT
Tttai TT to TAI
Tttcg TT to TCG
Tttdb TT to TDB
Ttut1 TT to UT1
Ut1tai UT1 to TAI
Ut1tt UT1 to TT
Ut1utc UT1 to UTC
Utctai UTC to TAI
Utcut1 UTC to UT1
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