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  Astronomy Library - Astrometry

This is the index page for the Astrometry section of the Astronomy Library for SOFA Library Issue 2021-05-12 for ANSI C. The Astrometry section includes the following routines:

Ab Apply stellar aberration
Apcg Prepare for ICRS <-> GCRS, geocentric, special
Apcg13 Prepare for ICRS <-> GCRS, geocentric
Apci Prepare for ICRS <-> CIRS, terrestrial, special
Apci13 Prepare for ICRS <-> CIRS, terrestrial
Apco Prepare for ICRS <-> observed, terrestrial, special
Apco13 Prepare for ICRS <-> observed, terrestrial
Apcs Prepare for ICRS <-> CIRS, space, special
Apcs13 Prepare for ICRS <-> CIRS, space
Aper Insert ERA into context
Aper13 Update context for Earth rotation
Apio Prepare for CIRS <-> observed, terrestrial, special
Apio13 Prepare for CIRS <-> observed, terrestrial
Atcc13 J2000.0 catalog ICRS -> astrometric ICRS
Atccq Astrometric ICRS -> J2000.0 catalog ICRS
Atci13 Catalog -> CIRS
Atciq Quick ICRS -> CIRS
Atciqn Quick ICRS -> CIRS, multiple deflections
Atciqz Quick astrometric ICRS -> CIRS
Atco13 ICRS -> observed
Atic13 CIRS -> ICRS
Aticq Quick CIRS -> ICRS
Aticqn Quick CIRS -> ICRS, multiple deflections
Atio13 CIRS -> observed
Atioq Quick CIRS -> observed
Atoc13 Observed -> astrometric ICRS
Atoi13 Observed -> CIRS
Atoiq Quick observed -> CIRS
Ld Light deflection by a single solar-system body
Ldn Light deflection by multiple solar-system bodies
Ldsun Light deflection by the Sun
Pmpx Apply proper motion and parallax
Pmsafe Apply proper motion, with zero-parallax precautions
Pvstar Star position+velocity vector to catalog coordinates
Pvtob Observatory position and velocity
Refco Refraction constants
Starpm Proper motion between two epochs
Starpv Star catalog coordinates to position+velocity vector
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